Dos Maderas PX 5+5

This drink combines my two passions: Rum and Sherry, thankfully not literally, as I’m pretty sure that would not work! This is an intriguing blend of rums from Barbados and Guyana, that are aged together in Bourbon barrels (like most rums) for 5 years. The blend is then shipped over to Spain, or to be more precise, to the Bodegas of Williams and Humbert in Jerez. Here the rum is aged for a further 3 years in ex-Oloroso barrels (for the Sherry geeks it’s the Dos Cortados Oloroso), the majority of the rum is then bottled and sold as the Dos Maderas 5+3 (the amount of years aged in barrel).

The rest is aged for a further 2 years in Pedro Ximenez (ex-Don Guido PX barrels). This is what would no doubt be called a “finish” in Scotch terminology (see the Ben Riach), so technically it should be called the 5+3+2 but, to be honest, 5+5 is probably complicated enough. Being able to compare the two side by side is good fun, and a great way to see what two years in a different barrel does to a spirit. However, whilst I think the 5+3 is a well made rum, it is the 5+5 PX that I adore. Not only is it sweeter and richer, it has a lot more complexity and length – this is a rum that really punches well above its price.

Tasting Note
The nose of this rum is overflowing with rich aromas of caramel, dark chocolate, dried fruits and sweet spices. The palate is sweet and filled with unctuous notes of raisins, figs and vanilla. The alcohol is well integrated and rounded. The finish is immensely long – in part due to the sweetness – and it becomes reminiscent of the finish of a PX Sherry.
Dos Maderas PX 5+5
Country: Barbados, Guyana
Type: Rum
Age: 10 Years Old
Alcohol: 40%
Where To Buy:
The Whisky Exchange, Harrods, Wine-Searcher
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