Sloe Buffalo

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I had a couple of old friends over from Spain and Italy and at the end of a long night we found ourselves at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. Having tasted through most of the list one cocktail stood out above the others, the Sloe Buffalo. It is made from Sloe Gin, Buffalo Trace bourbon and Passion Fruit. We decided to try to recreate this cocktail at home, and after a few different recipes and a lot of tasting we have come up with our own take on it. The result, we think, is a delicate balance between the sweet, sticky, berry flavours of the Sloe Gin and the warming fruity flow of bourbon and passionfruit.
Ingredient Photo
1½ shots Bourbon
1½ shot of Sloe Gin
½ a Passion Fruit
1 shot of Passion Fruit Juice
Creates One Serving
– Boston Shaker
– Hawthorn Strainer
– Shot Measure
– Chopping Board
– Knife
– Old Fashioned Glass
Cut a passion fruit in half and scoop the inside into the glass half of a Boston Shaker, add one shot of passion fruit juice. Add the juice
Add the spirits Add in a shot and a half of Bourbon, and a shot and a half of Sloe Gin. Add ice and shake.
For the glass crush some ice, either using an ice crusher or by hitting ice wrapped in a kitchen towel. Place the ice in an old fashioned glass and pour the cocktail over the ice. Pour the cocktail
The Sloe Buffalo Serve with straws, and an optional garnish of passion fruit.
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