Lunar Wines

The Lunar Cycle – good and bad days to taste wine!

According to some biodynamic pratictionars the lunar cycle doesn’t solely have a strong affect on plants, it also affects humans. This includes when the best time is to taste or drink wine. According to the classification the best days to taste wines are fruit and flower. Root and leaf days are bad days to taste wine.

This classification is based on the moon moving through the twelve constellations of the zodiac in turn. The constellations are each connected to one of the four elements: Earth is root; water is leaf; air is flower; fire is fruit. This calendar was first published in the 1950s by Maria Thun, and is used as a guide to know when to sow, plant, harvest, and so on.

Root Day Leaf Day Flower Day Fruit Day
Root Day – Very Bad Leaf Day – Bad Flower Day – Good Fruit Day – Very Good


When tasting, many things influence us, including: atmospheric pressure, your mood, the people around you, and even how dry your nasal passages are. If you are in a good mood, the sun is shining, you feel relaxed and are with friends; the wines are likely to taste better. It’s similar to the wines that people enjoy on holiday, if they bring a bottle back home they find that they don’t enjoy it as much. Personally I don’t take it too seriously, but find it quite interesting to keep track of. Have a go at home, and come to your own conclusions.