El Dorado 15 Year Old

Producer El Dorado is made by Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) who are based just outside Georgetown in Guyana. Guyana is located in the North-East corner of South America, between Venezuela and Suriname. Despite being situated in South America, Guyana has … Continue reading

Atlantico Private Cask

Producer You may have noticed I love rum. Almost half the spirits reviewed here are rums and I have an ever expanding collection, currently over 30. It is a spirit with a history and versatility like no other. Since I … Continue reading

Dos Maderas PX 5+5

Producer This drink combines my two passions: Rum and Sherry, thankfully not literally, as I’m pretty sure that would not work! This is an intriguing blend of rums from Barbados and Guyana, that are aged together in Bourbon barrels (like … Continue reading

Planters Punch

This refreshing punch, is a great long drink for a summer barbecue. The combination of the spice from the bitters works wonders with the aromas of citrus and mint. Simple to make, and not too alcoholic. Ingredients: Ice 1½ shots … Continue reading

Appleton Estate 30 Year Old

Producer The Appleton Estate has a long history having been established in 1749. It is situated in the Nassau Valley, deep in the heart of Jamaica’s countryside. The amazing thing with Appleton Estate is that all of the sugar cane … Continue reading

Spirit of the Month

Amaro Nonino Quintessentia Producer Amaro is produced by macerating a combination of herbs, roots, flowers and fruit peels in alcohol. This Italian herbal liqueur is usually served after lunch or dinner to aid digestion. There are many different Amaros, however … Continue reading