Noah’s Mill

Producer When it comes to cocktails I have very fickle tastes. I always love trying new concoctions, however there are a few classics which I come back to time and time again. Out of my top six “go to cocktails” … Continue reading

Birichino Malvasia Bianco 2009

Producer Birichino (Italian for impish or mischievous) specialises in making wines from the more unusual grape varieties planted in California. They currently make three wines: a straight Grenache, a Vin Gris (Provence style rosé) from Cinsault and Rolle, and one … Continue reading

Wind Gap Syrah 2008

Producer Wind Gap is the latest project from Pam and Pax Mahle. It is all about making authentic and compelling wines from specific windy sites, particularly sites that are influenced by a ‘wind gap’. Wind Gaps are geological breaks in … Continue reading