About Us

Alexander Redfern
I work in The Wine Shop of a large London department store, as well as judging for the International Wine Spirits Competition (IWSC). As a result I have built up a large collection of tasting notes and it seemed a shame not to have them available to others. Spirits have always been an interest of mine, so much so that for a brief period in a past life when I worked in IT; the first website I created was a cocktail recipe site.
Oliver Seymour-Marsh
Ollie Seymour-Marsh Ollie is my friend and flatmate, who as well as being a talented actor and musician, is also very good at making cocktails, annoyingly better than me. He is currently starring in Million Dollar Quartet which is not his first time playing a dead rock-star as he previously played the role of Buddy in The Buddy Holly Story. He also has a passion for wines and spirits, something for which he is regularly mocked for by his peers.
Lucy Bruton
Lucy Bruton Lucy is primarily a student of wine and spirits, although she does spend quite a lot of time working in a small warehouse in leafy North West London, surrounded by boxes upon boxes of wine. She takes great pleasure in literature, travel and music. She has regular jaunts to the countryside for a breath of fresh air but is always ready to come back to the delights of London, as you can see from the photo taken at the Notting Hill Carnival 2011.