Bloody Mary

My favourite thing about the famous ‘Bloody Mary’ cocktail is the seemingly endless variations on such a simple theme. Who would imagine that two liquids as humble as tomato juice and vodka, when mixed with a few of the right … Continue reading

Sloe Buffalo

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I had a couple of old friends over from Spain and Italy and at the end of a long night we found ourselves at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. Having tasted through … Continue reading

Limey Hedgerow

The Limey Hedgerow was created one Sunday afternoon, after a large roast lunch Alex and I were playing around with various spirits and liqueurs trying to create a tasty cocktail. The idea originally came from an old recipe for a … Continue reading

Ollie’s English Garden

For me the key to making a great tasting English Garden is good quality apple juice. Taking a long walk in the countryside, kicking fallen leaves around and finding somewhere to settle down for a picnic with a home-made pork … Continue reading

Margarita Calor

This spicy twist on a Margarita is great if you like a drink that tingles your tongue. The Margarita Calor makes for a great Summer drink, especially when paired with spicy or grilled food. This is one drink that won’t … Continue reading

Georgia Julep

This is a softer, some might say more feminine, take on a Mint Julep. It makes an ideal pre-dinner cocktail, but is also great on a rainy afternoon – the combination of the warmth from the bourbon, and the sweet … Continue reading

Planters Punch

This refreshing punch, is a great long drink for a summer barbecue. The combination of the spice from the bitters works wonders with the aromas of citrus and mint. Simple to make, and not too alcoholic. Ingredients: Ice 1½ shots … Continue reading

Cucumber Martini

This is a light and refreshing martini – perfect for a sunny spring or summer’s day. The cucumber is a natural partner to the Hendricks gin; whilst the vodka adds some weight as well as providing an extra little kick. … Continue reading

Cocktail Recipes

Amarino As Ollie is currently busy with various acting and singing ventures, I thought I should step in and do a much needed cocktail of the month. So what better for my first Cocktail of the Month than to make … Continue reading